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McCluskey International is a travel and tourism marketing and public relations agency.


McCluskey International is one of the UK’s foremost travel & tourism marketing consultancies, with 20 years experience in providing destination marketing services and public relations to travel and tourism organisations from its London offices. McCluskey International also has partner offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.
The agency has been operational since 1987.

Since its early days, Judy McCluskey has been responsible for nurturing the company and its clients – a number of which have remained with the company to the present day – to its current standing. McCluskey International is ranked as one of the UK’s top travel and leisure consultancies and is proud to represent some of the finest destinations and tourist organisations in the world.

Our travel trade division represents destinations as varied as Arizona, Piedmont, Ontario, the Maldives and Peru.

Our consumer advertising division was set up in 2004. The objective was to create a one stop shop for existing clients to provide a complete marketing mix. Services include response to a marketing brief with recommendations for the creative concept and choice of media.

We measure the success of our public relations campaigns by the results generated, and the satisfaction of our clients. Some of our clients have been recognised with awards from Condé Nast Traveller and Coolbrands. Much more importantly, we have contributed to the commercial success of the full range of our clients, be they airlines, destinations, tour operators, hotels, resorts or other travel principals.


Travel, travel and more travel. The McCluskey Blog editorial policy: we write about anything that we consider to be newsworthy or of interest to our readers. We will only write about a client if and when there is a relevant story - this blog is not designed to be a dump for client press releases. We are interested in contributing to the travel industry in terms of adding to the debate - and highlighting stories that we feel are interesting. If you feel that at any time our editorial is biased in favour of clients, please do not hesitate to let us know.